Honeywell F50F 20 X 20 Air Cleaner Parts

The Honeywell F50F1032 electostatic electronic air cleaner is a whole house electronic air cleaner designed to be duct mounted. It removes airborne particles such as dust, soot, pollen, tobacco smoke and cooking smoke from the air circulated through it. Parts are in stock for this model. If you wish to replace the entire unit order an F300 model. You will find a link to it below.

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Honeywell 136434AA Ionizing Wire

Ionizing Wire

More info & photos
136434AA List Price: $17.83 Sale Price: $13.38

Honeywell 136518 Cell Key

Cell Key

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136518 List Price: $16.07 Sale Price: $14.61

Honeywell 137266 Cell Handle

Plastic Cell Handle

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137266 List Price: $13.02 Sale Price: $10.85

Honeywell 137980A Test Button Assembly

Test Button Assembly

More info & photos
137980A List Price: $15.82 Sale Price: $13.18

Honeywell 203305AB F50F Access Door IncludesTest Button Assembly

F50F Access Door Inclds Test Button Assembly 20X25, 20X20 And 20X12 1/2

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203305AB List Price: $116.39 Sale Price: $104.75

Honeywell 203321 On/Off Switch

On Off Switch

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203321 List Price: $34.15 Sale Price: $29.70

Honeywell 203329A Rear Terminal Board Assembly

Terminal Board Assembly Rear

More info & photos
203329A List Price: $50.54 Sale Price: $34.58

Honeywell 203329C Terminal Board Assembly Front

Terminal Board Assembly Front

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203329C List Price: $9,999.99 Sale Price: $9,999.99

Honeywell 203373 Prefilter 10 x 19.75

Prefilter for electronic air cleaner

More info & photos
203373 List Price: $52.33 Sale Price: $36.84

Honeywell 208045G High Voltage Circuit Board

High Voltage Circuit Board

More info & photos
208045G List Price: $295.00 Sale Price: $205.58

Honeywell 208418F Power Box Assembly Complete

Complete Power Box Assembly

More info & photos
208418F List Price: $561.79 Sale Price: $403.48

Honeywell 4074EHG Cell Contact Repair Kit

Cell Contact Repair Kit

More info & photos
4074EHG List Price: $20.09 Sale Price: $16.74

Honeywell 4074ETE Neon Lamp Assembly

F50F, F52F, F58F Neon Light Assembly, includes lens and wire tie

More info & photos
4074ETE List Price: $43.58 Sale Price: $29.82

Honeywell 4074ETG Interlock Bracket & Switch

Interlock Bracket & Switch

More info & photos
4074ETG List Price: $29.06 Sale Price: $25.27

Honeywell 4074ETH Air Flow Sensor Board (Round Pin Connector Style)

Air Flow Sensor Board (Round Pin Connector Style)

More info & photos
4074ETH List Price: $86.02 Sale Price: $74.80

Honeywell 4074EYS Neon Lamp Assembly

F50F Neon Light Assembly

More info & photos
4074EYS List Price: $28.48 Sale Price: $19.50

Honeywell 4074EZB Air Flow Sensor Board (Polarized Plug Connector Style)

Air Flow Sensor Board (Polarized Plug Connector Style)

More info & photos
4074EZB List Price: $86.02 Sale Price: $74.80

Honeywell 50000293-003 Post Filter Kit for 20 x 20

Post Filter For Kit 20X20 F300 And F50 Electronic Air Cleaners

More info & photos
50000293003 List Price: $71.71 Sale Price: $59.76

Electronic Air Cleaner Repair & Diagnosis On Your Air Cleaner Power Supply

Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner Repair & Service On Your Power Supply In Our Shop

More info & photos
DIAGNOSTIC List Price: $150.00 Sale Price: $39.95

Honeywell FC37A1049 Collector Cell

Collector Cell

More info & photos
FC37A1049 List Price: $392.87 Sale Price: $268.74

Honeywell W8600F1014 Air Cleaner Performance Indicator

Honeywell W8600F1014 Air Cleaner Performance Indicator White EAC Performance indicator for use with F50F or F300E

More info & photos
W8600F1014 List Price: $9,999.99 Sale Price: $9,999.99

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