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Honeywell 50027998-001 Water Level Sensor Assembly

SKU#: 50027998001
List Price: $114.31 Sale Price: $95.26
Product Description

Honeywell 50027998-001 Water Level Sensor Assembly For Truesteam humidifiers. This item is obsolete but replaced by part 50027998-002 which is available on the link below. When ordering part 50027998-001 you will receive part 50027998-002 which is the correct replacement and nearly identical.

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Honeywell 50027998-002 Water Level Sensor Assembly

Honeywell 50027998-002 Water Level Sensor Assembly

Sale Price: $95.26

Water Level Sensor Assembly

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Product Reviews

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Jul 9, 2017
Up and running by Dr. David Case (Blackfoot ID US)

The water sensor came in a very timely manner. Fairly easy to install, with carefully ensuring all connections went back to the correct ends. Working great. Thank you

Feb 1, 2015
Water Lever Sensor Kit by Jmaes Hill (Camden SC US)

The product was of good quality and all needed parts were included. The repair went well and everything is working fine now.

Dec 14, 2014
New water level sensor parts by Jan Hyde (Salt Lake City UT US)

Excellent service and availability! Especially considering my original seller/installer now indicates my HM512W2005 is discontinued, parts are no longer available and they no longer handle Honeywell Humidifiers. Thanks to OnTimeDirect and a simple installation my 512W is up and running like it did when it was new!

Jan 31, 2014
water level sensor by nathan lawrence (enfield ct US)

my parts arrived quickly, and I had it installed in no time. back in business.

Jan 7, 2014
Installed Water Level Sensor by Luain W Hamblin (Southern Pines No US)

I was able to install the water level sensor ASSY. myself and it is working . I would suggest you add to the instructions that you can clean out the area/hole that the sensor goes in before assy. of sensor to remove calcium etc. as it is a through hole to the tank and easily accessible with the tank off. It would be prudent to clean both areas at this time. My unit is under the house and I have to go outside to observe if it's working . Is there a way to program the unit to see when the unit's service light is on from the thermostat ? I have thought about installing a wireless camera but it would less trouble if could be done through the thermostat. Any suggestions ? I am very satisfied with the unit.

Mar 25, 2013
Recent Honeywell order by Vincent Byrne (Osterville Ma US)

My order on line was easy to follow ordering process, delivery info was accurate. Would recommend to all.

Feb 21, 2013
Mr Helms by Bernie Helms (Solomons MD US)

Pecieved the part. Installed and humidifier is working fine. It is the best humidifer i have ever owned and I have had a few. Thanks Again, BERNIE

Feb 5, 2013
Not Needed by C Seefried (Calgary Al CA)

At first I had observed a overflow condition with 6 blinks of a red indication light. After taking apart the HoneyWell true steam and cleaning it with CLR and a rubbing cloth it seemed in pristine condition. After re installation I received another malfunction in the red service light, 2 blinks indicated me to replace my current unit however I knew no damage had occurred to the water sensor. As there was no easy way to unplug my true steam to reset the device I simply pushed and held down the GO button for 5-10 seconds and the problem was solved.

Dec 21, 2012
Water level assembly by ( )

Dec 8, 2012
Water sensor Honeywell by LUIS RIVERA (CREST HILL IL US)

The part came in at time expected I put in the unit and been working very good since. Will buy from you again hopefully not to soon. Again thank you good service and great products.

Oct 27, 2012
Honeywell 50027998-001 Water Level Sensor Ass by Dennis Luck (Westminster MD US)

Fit and worked OK. Will find out when heating season begins if there is a problem.

Mar 13, 2012
water sensor by ( )


Mar 12, 2012
assembly kit by ( )

didnt really need the entire assembly kit

Mar 1, 2012
Surprised it worked by Tom Robbins (DALE CITY VA US)

I was having an intermittent problem with my Honeywell 512 steam humidifier. When the diagnostics indicated the water level sensor, I was surprised, as the actual part was in perfect condition and there didn't appear to be anything wrong with it. Its basically just 3 strips of metal connected to a plug! But replacing this part did indeed correct all my problems.

Jan 29, 2012
Water Level Sensor Replacement - GREAT! by (Millerton NY US)

I was getting SIX flashes on the RED Service Light - so the unit was not working. Took apart and cleaned the Water Level Sensors ... Did not help at all ... This replacement kit went in fast and easy (make sure you have a Torx screw driver.) Fixed the problem and the TrueSteam works great now. Saved a $250 service call by a technician! :)

Jan 29, 2012
New sensor solves problem by Bob Cherry (Idaho Falls ID US)

My humidifier was giving me the "two blinks" error code and a couple of times the six blinks code. Following the service guide I cleaned the electrodes with warm soapy water and then with a wire brush in a Dremel tool even though they looked fine. Although our local water is very hard, I have a water softener and there was no sign of scale buildup on the sensor elements. I also confirmed electrical continuity from the electrode tip to the connector on the wiring harness. Everything looked as it should, but I still got the error code within a day of reinstalling the sensor. So, following the service manual I replaced the sensor even though I suspected that the problem was actually in the humidifier's circuit board. The new sensor has worked perfectly for about ten days now. I'm telling this long story because I was hesitant about spending $57 plus shipping to replace a piece that had no apparent defects. However, doing so solved my problem.

Dec 22, 2011
Water Sensor Part by andre guay (rye ne US)

Part came on time, and had full instructions. Even a non-expert like me had no trouble installing it The order web site was also consumer friendly

Nov 24, 2011
Cracked Sensor by ( )

Easy to install and corrected the problem.

Oct 30, 2011
water level assy by joh r wing (shelby twp mi US)

fouynd equip easy to instal.,.returned my equip to full use after install

Sep 26, 2011
Honeywell 50027998-001 water level sensor by beth jolliffe (prescott Ar US)

Jul 7, 2011
sensor by Jance Denison (Ashaway RI US)

new one went in easly and works well, but this is the second time to replace this part

Jan 11, 2011
fixed my problem by ( )

six flashes on the red fault code light indicated i needed a new level sensor. this replacement fixed the problem. finally i have the much needed humidifier back!

Dec 28, 2010
Not sure it was needed... by J Schaefer (Calgary Al CA)

Overall, I'm happy with True Steam. It is certainly superior to our old rolling drum system. Our municipal water is considered hard (for a good explanation, Google search "Calgary hard water"). I need to clean out our True Steam once per month. In November, there was much scale and the warning light suggested a sensor failure. I cleaned the water tank, removed the sensor, and bathed both in CLR (sometimes I use diluted vinegar). After re-assembling the unit the red light continued to blink twice indicating a persisting water level sensor failure which prompted me to order this part. I was somewhat surprised as there appeared to be no damage to the sensor, it was thoroughly descaled, and there does not appear to be any sensitive circuitry in this part (I could be wrong). After ordering the part, I realized that I may not have depressed the 'Reset / Go' button and after doing that, the light stopped and the unit has been working properly since (3 weeks have passed). I don't mind having a spare senor on hand as I suspect that sooner or later it will need replacing. However, it appears that I did not need need this part. I leave these observations for others to consider. My trouble shooting guide does describe how to clean the tank and recommends sensor replacement. I followed the manual. However, I have no special skills, this post is provided in good faith, and I cannot take responsibility for any action or lack of action taken by readers. Please follow all safety procedures, particularly as it relates to electricity and water.

Dec 26, 2010
Water level Sensor by Jeff Richardson (Belmont NC US)

This was a real no brainer. Finding the sensor was quick and easy. I thought the price was a bit high, but they provided the part with additional parts that it mates with. Unexpected, but they might have been part of the failure when I thought about it. They also got it out quickly to avoid delay, and too many more days of extra dry air. All in all good job Honeywell team. Thanks!


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