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Electronic Air Cleaner Repair & Diagnosis On Your Air Cleaner Power Supply

List Price: $180.00 Sale Price: $47.94
Product Description

Electronic Air Cleaner Repair & Diagnosis On Your Air Cleaner Power Supply. Labor only to test & repair your electronic air cleaner power supply. We are the only company in the country to offer electronic air cleaner repair & testing service for both consumers and contractors alike. We perform this service on all Honeywell electronic air cleaners. Mother boards can NOT be repaired since the individual components on the boards are NO LONGER available. We are however, able to determine IF the mother board is bad and sell you a replacement mother board if needed.

Here's How It Works

1. Purchase the DIAGNOSTIC service on the website. The shipping charge in the purchase is the return shipping paid in advance.


3. Ship us your entire Power Supply using UPS or FedEx. This way you can track your shipment and have proof of receipt/delivery.

4. Upon arrival our technicians diagnose what is wrong. After determining what is wrong, we email you the results and tell you the parts cost for repair.

5. You then approve the repairs and we install the parts for you. Parts cost is not included in the Diagnostic fee but the labor to install any needed parts is.

6. Your Power Supply is then shipped back to you ready to be remounted on your air cleaner. Turn around time is normally within 1 week.

We would like you to include the model and serial number of your unit (if you know it) so we can reference the correct parts for it. Again please ship to us using UPS or FedEx to track your shipment and have proof of receipt. DO NOT ship with the US Postal Service. Please include either a copy of your invoice (generated by this website upon purchase of DIAGNOSTIC) or write the invoice number on a piece of paper and include it with the Power Supply assembly so we know who owns it. The address you need to ship your Power Supply to is:

On Time Direct
1513 W Whispering Wind
Phoenix, AZ 85085

Product Reviews

Add your review of this product Global rating: 4.97 from 98 reviews
Oct 5, 2021
Honeywell power supply repair by Stephen L Adler (Princeton NJ US)

Now working, very prompt service.

Mar 1, 2021
Great Job! by Steve Aicher (Manteno IL US)

I could not believe how fast and return of the fixed product to my home! I paid for the testing, sent it in, okayed the replacement parts, and it was sent back to my home in 4 days! I saved a lot of money by having them fix my unit than buying a new one. Great job!

Feb 16, 2021
Best Service Ever... by Nola (Tukwila Wa US)

If you need service on an ionizer this is the place to go. Sent in and had it repaired and back in less than 2 weeks. Received back hooked up and it's going strong. Haven't used for about a year, wish I would have found sooner. If you have any doubt with sending your unit in forget it now, send in your electronic part and let them fix it. So so worth every dime paid.

Jan 30, 2021
EXCELLENT SERVICE! by Tony Owen (Sandlake OR US)

Jay Guliano is an outstanding tech and service provider. My power supply was quickly evaluated and a solution provided. It was an obsolete part, but Jay had a solution by switching to a new power supply that was 120VAC as opposed to the original 240VAC. Delivery was quicker than I expected. Once installed, it still did not work properly. Jay sent me troubleshooting tips and it turned out to be another issue with the shorting arm not working properly. Resolved that issue, turned on the EAC, fan and heat and it fired right up and is working great! 10 stars from this satisfied customer!

Dec 28, 2020
Thanks for the help by Calvin Bell (Dunkirk Ma US)

Before I found online, I was in trouble with the only option was to replace my electronic air cleaner unit. After seeing their video and evaluating their service, I was convinced that they could do the job of repairing my power supply unit. I made the call to Ontime Direct and was provided all the information I needed to request their service. I followed their instructions about mailing my power supply and received email updates on the status of my unit such as the results of the diagnosis and the cost of repair. I confirmed that the price of repair was acceptable and the work was initiated. In a few short days, I found my repaired unit at my front door. I unpacked the packaged, installed the repaired unit and I am very please to report that the unit is working perfectly.

Jul 5, 2020
repair by Joseph Jung (SHERWOOD OR US)

This was great service. The Air Cleaner was back in service within a weak. Thank you

Jul 2, 2020
Air cleaner power supply by Barbra Madsen (Mt. Angel Or US)

Sent the power supply in for testing. It tested OK and was returned the same day. I would recommend On Time Direct to anyone. Will rely on their on line videos for trouble shooting help to trace the problem on our installed cleaner. Thanks OTD.

Jun 19, 2020
Great Service by Berk V. ( NY US)

I stumbled upon this site online and after reading, reviews gave it a shot. I sent my EAC unit out and was informed of what needed to be repaired. I paid for the service and my unit was shipped by the end of the business day. Lightning-fast service. I ended up also having to purchase a new electronic filter from another retailer as one of mines had a loose plate causing it to short out. I followed their diagnostic instructions and my ac unit is back up and running. Highly recommend. I probably saved a ton of money not having to hire a technician.

Jun 15, 2020
Excellent work! by David Hoots (Littleton CO US)

I sent my Honeywell electronic air cleaner in for repair. I got it back quickly, and it's working wonderfully! Now to see how long it works, eh? :)

Jun 7, 2020
Fixed! by Diana (Hawthorn Woods IL US)

We moved into a house with a very old Honeywell EAC. I've always been a big fan as I had one at my old house and rarely had to dust. We sent the power pack in for diagnostics and while we had to buy a new mother board, we still saved hundreds from having a new unit installed. This was a great option.

May 21, 2020
Electronic filter repair by John Broome (Tacoma US)

Iím very happy with the Honeywell electronic filter. It was quickly diagnosed, repaired and delivered back in a couple of weeks. It works and looks like new. Thanks

May 9, 2020
Power supply repair by William Nankervis (Shoreline Wa US)

Power supply was repaired works great, very satisfied!!

Apr 26, 2020
Electronic Air Cleaner Repair by Robert Patterson (Livonia MI US)

Electronic Air Cleaner Repair. Works as expected. Still too early to tell.

Apr 13, 2020
Excellent Service by Leonard Friedman (Silver Spring MD US)

The company told me that my power supply was ok but it was a Version 1. They gave the option of it being returned or having a new power board, Version 4, installed for $200. I chose to have a new board installed. The power supply was returned and was easy to re-install. I had some questions about it's operation and the staff took the time to provide a full explanation of it's operation. The entire process from mailing to return was less than a week. They did their part in 24 hrs, the rest of the time it was in transit. The only surprise was the cost for me to mail the power supply to them; $32.

Apr 11, 2020
Great Service! by Jeff Stanley (Anchorage Al US)

The power supply failed on our 20 year old Honeywell electronic air cleaner. On Time Direct replaced the power supply and shipped it back to us the same day they received it. Fantastic friendly service, and the repair was less than 1/4 of the cost of having a new unit installed. Thanks!

Mar 18, 2020
Honeywell Air Cleaner by Bill (East Bethany NY US)

The unit was returned after about a week or so in good working order. Very happy with it!

Feb 12, 2020
Air Cleaner Diagnosis & Repair by G Thomas ( )

The service was excellent. I did basic diagnosis myself and determined it was not as simple as a bad switch. Sent the unit in for diagnosis. They diagnosed the problem and made the repairs in one day. The unit was sent back to me and I received it in 2 days. Great turn around and service. I would highly recommend this company and use them again if necessary.

Jan 10, 2020
Honeywell electric air cleaner reapir by Dave Reyburn (Goshen IN US)

I found these guys at OnTimeDirect by chance searching the internet for parts to fix my electronic air cleaner. My local repair shop didn't want to repair the unit and wanted to replace it with a new April-aire for $1500. I removed my power supply, boxed it up and UPS'd it to OnTimeDirect during the Christmas week. They diagnosed it quickly and emailed me back that it needed a new circuit board so for $200 plus the diagnostic fee I now have a perfectly functioning electric air cleaner again! These guys are awesome. I inspected the unit on arrival, and it was well packaged in bubble wrap and had a brand new Honeywell circuit board in it. I installed it in 10 minutes and powered back on to test it. Works perfectly! Awesome service.

Nov 14, 2019
Great job, it works great by Robert Weber (Hancock NY US)

I was leery about using a mail order repair service but the fixed unit works great and the cost was a lot less than half of what the local dealer wanted to do the same job.

Aug 22, 2019
Great Service -- Again! by Alan Spalmacin (Dunnellon FL US)

I have come to depend on On-Time-Direct to keep my Honeywell electronic air cleaner running correctly. They've informed of each repair every step of the way and there have been no surprises in the three times I used them. They deserve my 5-star rating.

May 30, 2019
Air Cleaner Power Supply by Forrest Fleming (Fairfax VA US)

Very please with the service I received. This include a detail explanation by one of your technicians of the work that needed to be done and advice of what option to take. I chose to replace the power supply rather than repair it. It was returned to me quickly . Unfortunately 2 mounting screws were not returned, I then called and a technician promised to send me replacement screws. Again very quickly I received the screws I needed plus spares. The screws sent were 8-32 but the threaded holes were either 8-24 or metric and did not fit. I ran a 8-32 tap through the holes and solved the problem. This was what I should have done in the first place instead of bother you. Excellent service, great communications, highly recommended>

May 11, 2019
Mick by Mick Helmbrecht (Hutchinson Mi US)

What an awesome service these people provide. Do not hesitate to use this service.

May 2, 2019
Just the ticket! by ( )

My furnace filter is back up and running. Fast service, recommend!!!

Apr 20, 2019
Power supply by Sandra Turi (Butler Pa US)

The people at on time direct are very knowledgeable and great to work with.

Feb 14, 2019
Teriffic! by DIXIE LINCOLN (Friendswood Te US)

The worst problem was finding a box for it. After "slicing and dicing", I got it done. They called me a day or two after they got it and said I needed a new power supply. I agreed with the price and a few days later, it was back home. I put it into the Honeywell, installed the cells and voila! It works again and I can definitely feel a difference in the air quality! Thank you, On Time Direct!

Jan 12, 2019
Review by Richard Apperson (Sonoita Ar US)

Exact fit. Works fine. I liked being able to send it to you for diagnosis. Your prompt reply was appreciated.

Nov 30, 2018
Excellent Service by Larry Holten (LAUREL MT US)

My power supply was repaired and returned the same day it arrived. Amazing.

Nov 11, 2018
electronic cleaner by t bush (jerome id US)

great quick service

Nov 1, 2018
Electric air cleaner repair by ws wood (bend or US)

On time with great service over the phone, works perfect! Thank you.

Sep 17, 2018
OTD-Good business model by Craig (Seattle WA US)

Good website, available for phone dialog. Easy to use on-line instructions and tips to do diagnoses/test. After I adjusted my mind set to send off an appliance for repair, I realized it's a good business model since the unit would be declared end of life by your local furnace repair shop and OTD does as a specialty all the time. OTD tested and determined what to replace and sent back the same week for a fraction of full replacement cost. Perhaps I'll get another 25 years of service from this E air cleaner.

Sep 14, 2018
Honeywell air cleaner by Roger A. Pieper (Oostburg Wi US)

After reading the many positive comments about your service and general history, I decided to send my Honeywell unit to you. Like the many reviewers with their positive statements I agree with all of them. Your service was excellent and everything you said on your site you followed through on. The unit is back on the furnace clicking away. Roger A. Pieper

Mar 10, 2018
Works great. Good job. by Steven. Kovacsi (Eldersburg Ma US)

Electronic air cleaner works good as new. Good job fixing it. Thank you.

Feb 25, 2018
NEW MOTHER BOARD by Tim Kain (Elkton MD US)

just installed repaired unit and things are working fine

Jan 6, 2018
Excellent by Daniel Lynch (New Hyde Park Ne US)

Trouble shooting video presentation was the best, not handy the step by step approach on what could be wrong with the unit was great.

Sep 4, 2017
repair air cleaner by alan chambliss (seattle wa US)

great people,great service!

May 30, 2017
Excellent Service by Jack Langdon (Asheville NC US)

I sent a 15 year old failed air cleaner power supply for diagnosis. I was very impressed with the prompt service and very clear and timely communication that I received via email. I was a bit disappointed with the parts cost to repair my power supply. As with most things now days "repair" seems to mean "replace". I suppose finding out which component on the circuit board is bad, finding and installed a replacement and assuring proper performance is more expensive than just installing a new board. In any case; I got very timely response and excellent communication. I am satisfied and the power supply is operating properly so far.

May 23, 2017
Fast Service by Dennis DiMauro (ANSONIA Co US)

After my Electronic Air Cleaner/Power Supply was diagnosed and repaired it was shipped back quickly, and works perfectly. I would use them again without a doubt.

Mar 5, 2017
Great Experience by Mike Nedrow (Shawnee Ka US)

I had previously tried to have my Honeywell EAC repaired by my HVAC installer however they did not repair the unit properly. It continued to malfunction. I shipped the unit to Ontimedirect and was very pleased that they were able to correct the repair attempts by my HVAC company and get the unit working again

Feb 26, 2017
Electronic Air Cleaner Repair by ( )

Very good transaction, thanks for the fast service.

Jan 28, 2017
Quality Service by Robert Starowitz (Louisville KE US)

Air cleaner quit working after installation of new furnace. Furnace installers could not fix the air cleaner. Sent in power supply for service and found it had a bad mother board. When I received the unit back the air cleaner still wasn't working. Jay promptly returned my call and helped me further diagnose my cleaner over the phone. My unit is now working like new. This company saved me 1800.00 over the cost of a replacement unit. They offer an unique service and are highly professional. I would recommend their service to anyone with an air cleaner problem.

Jan 24, 2017
Head unit repair by John (Seattle wa US)

these guys were awesome. I am just a lowly homeowner with a non-functioning Electronic Air Cleaner. I had replaced various components - including wires on my collector cells - all in an attempt to get my unit working. And nothing worked. Pulled the head unit in, sent it to these guys, and they shipped it back. BOOM! I have a working unit now for the first time in several years. YAY! Thanks guys!!!!!

Jan 9, 2017
Air cleaner repair by Harold Cummings (Seattle WA US)

I am very happy with the service on my air cleaner

Dec 22, 2016
Electronic Air Cleaner Repair by Tony Krizek (Roscoe IL US)

I reviewed the online trouble shooting video and determined my unit needed to be repaired. Locally no one would handle it so I sent it to this online repair center. Communication was clear on emails and the repair done quickly. I have a working unit again. Thanks

Oct 23, 2016
Honeywell air cleaner repair by Dave Blakely (Miamisburg OH US)

I am extremely happy that there is a company such as your that takes customer care as serious as you do. In a throw away society we seemed to be heading for it is nice to be able to get an item repaired and be able to reuse it. The technicians and everyone at your company are so friendly and only want to help. Thank you Dave Blakely

Jul 1, 2016
Honeywell Air Cleaner by Jim Schwader (New Port Richey Fl US)

Very happy with the results. My Honeywell air cleaner hasn't worked in over a year. After doing some research "On Time Direct" was one of the few if not the only company that was the answer to my problem. The diagnostic service found the problem and my air cleaner was fixed and sent back in a reasonable amount of time.

Apr 14, 2016
owner by Randall Roby (Lacenter wa US)

Excellent service, very happy, would use again. Only thing negative was the packing, BOX WAS OPEN, 1 pc of tape wasnt enough. box to big, not enough air packets, lucky it even got to me in one piece.

Mar 9, 2016
New Cell by Kwintone Houberg-Lawton (Salt Lake City UT US)

Our 18 year old Honeywell F50f electronic air cleaner stopped working during one of the worst months of air pollution in recorded history here in Salt Lake City. We sent the power control module in for diagnoses and it was working fine. Over the phone, the fine gentleman (the one that's in the video) had me shake the filter cells side to side and it was quickly determined that one cell had two collapsed plates. This causes a dead short that is recognized by the control module which shuts the system down for self preservation. Got the control module and replacement cell back in two days and WE'RE BACK IN THE CLEAN AIR! Thank you for the great service, knowledgeable over the phone diagnosis and quick turn around. We love our electronic air cleaner and appreciate the sanctuary it creates in our home, living in the city with the worst air in the nation three month a year.

Dec 19, 2015
Excellent Repair Service by Bruce Brisbine (Cedar Rapids Io US)

Honeywell air cleaner services, communication, and turnaround time were all exactly as promised.

Dec 4, 2015
Qualified Residential Do-It-Your-Selfer by Jack Logan (Kirkland WA US)

The power supply unit on my Honeywell Electronic Air Filter (20 years old) went bad and needed to be repaired. After working through an extensive diagnostic procedure myself, on the phone with the courteous help of On-Line Direct technician Brian, we determined that it wasn't anything I could fix myself. Hence, I removed the power supply unit, packaged it up and mailed it to On-Line Direct for further diagnostics. Within a few days, I received an e-mail, identifying the problems and the cost of repair, which I approved. Within another week, I received the power supply unit back, repaired and ready to install - which I accomplished in a matter of 15 minutes. The air filter system has worked flawlessly since then. Before sending the power supply to On-Line Direct for repair, I had placed calls to a number of HVAC repair companies in my area and got essentially the same response; they would send a technician over to my house for a fee to make a diagnoses; the "ball park" cost that a couple of them provided over the phone ranged from $500 for repair, up to $1200 to replace the power supply unit completely. The total cost of repair, including shipping the power supply unit via UPS, with On-Line Direct was just over $200 and took no more than one (1) hour of my time total. This company is at the top of my "favorites list", as far as HVAC parts and service.

May 18, 2015
honeywell f300 repair by Marla (Winterset Io US)

We were VERY happy with the service. It was uneventful, just like it should be. They contacted us quickly via email to tell us the problem and the amount and it was fixed and returned very promptly. No worries here, you get exactly what you are paying for. Thanks to On Time Direct for such great service.

Feb 1, 2015
review by Edward Sheehan (Wallingford Ct US)

I sent the power supply and it was checked out ok.. Watched the video that was sent to me and found out what my problem was.I ordered the parts and installed them and everything works great. I found that everyone I talked to was nice and honest. Thanks

Dec 18, 2014
It works again by molehillrock (Quakertown PA US)

The price was a little higher then what I was hopeing for but the turn-over time was very good. The part also is working flawless so I do not have any reason to complain.

Nov 29, 2014
FixedMy Problem by Alan Spalmacin (Dunnellon Fl US)

I ordered the Diagnostic Service for the power supply component of my Honeywell F300A-2020 electronic air filter and its subsequent repair. After several months of no yellow LED when the fan was running and no significant 'dirt' on the filter elements, I decided to search for replacement and repair services via the internet. I came across ON-TIME DIRECT and their excellent video describing a preliminary user diagnostic procedure. Based on the thoroughness of the video and its excellent presentation, I did the tests described and decided that, yes, my power supply needed professional investigation. I called ON-TIME DIRECT, asked my questions and decided these guys knew what they were talking about, and removed my power supply unit and sent it in for service. Shortly afterwards I received an email describing what they found and the need for a new power supply board. I approved the repair and got it back about two weeks later. It's fixed and the filter is now working properly. This service did what they said it would and I have no hesitation or reservations in recommending ON-TIME DIRECT. I saved about half the cost of the least expensive replacement unit on the web and now have a fully-functional air cleaner. Good work guys!

Nov 22, 2014
Air Cleaner Power Supply by Samuel Lewis (Spanaway WA US)

Excellent service - customer service representative explained the repair process and cost. I am very satisfied with diagnosis and repair work.

Nov 3, 2014
F50A 1020 by Tom Macnamara (Bellevue Wa US)

The diagnoses was quick and the repoair was done quickly and the unit returned to service within two days excluding shipping (two weeks by ground). I am very happy with on time direct as this is the second time I have used them.

Aug 15, 2014
Electronic Air Cleaner Repair & Diagnosis On Your Air Cleaner Power Supply by Hudson Mann (Clarkston WA US)

What a pleasure doing business with you. Your 5 star service got our electronic air filter up and running again. The filter is especially important to us since we have an asthma sensitive person in our household. Everything from your web site to customer service and technical support is 1st rate. Thanks again. Hudson Mann Clarkston,WA

Jul 18, 2014
F50E Power Supply by Harley Bresnahan (Racine WI US)

After reviewing the web site and following the instructions, I felt that my collectors were in ok shape. The power supply was over 20 years old and suspect. I took a leap of faith and hoped that the power supply repair would get my electronic air cleaner going. I sent the unit in and it was returned in a very timely manner repaired. Well, I am happy to report that after receiving the power supply I installed it into the air cleaner and fired it up...SUCCESS! Thanks to On Time Direct, I saved a bundle versus replacing the unit with a new electronic air cleaner.

Feb 6, 2014
Well Done Honeywell! by Frank Fila (Chester NJ US)

The only reason I took the initiative to remove the power supply and send it to Honeywell Repair Parts is because of the very well done troubleshooting video on their website that provides step-by-step instrucitions on how to remove the power supply and ship it back for a bench test and subsequent repairs. The entire turnaround time was a little longer that I would have liked - about 2 weeks - but now that it's back and reinstalled, the system is back in operation. I suspect it would have cost me several hundred dollars to have an HVAC technician service the system, so for a fraction of the cost, the repair was made and I'm back in business!

Jan 30, 2014
Repairs by ( )

Sent them my power unit for examination and repair. They we quick with the check up and repairs made promptly. Thanks.

Jan 1, 2014
PS1201C01 shunt AFS to power unit by Ralph DeMartino ( )

the PS1201C01 used on older sale switch systems do use the AFS plug on the board and to get the unit to power up you must shut the J3 (two left side posts as marked "by pass AFS"). Bypass the Air Flow Sensor The earlier F50A, F50 and F50E used to be wired direct to the blower. This allowed the power supply to turn on when supplied with 120V from the blower. Now the new Honeywell power supply comes with the option to add an AFS (air flow sensor). If your unit DOES NOT have an AFS and you have the new power supply, such as the PS1201C01 and PS1202C00, the AFS must be bypassed for the power supply to turn on. To bypass the AFS you simply connect the two pins marked' bypass AFS" on J3 (see photo below) situated on the bottom left of the power supply.

Nov 23, 2013
F50F1065 by Tom Macnamara (Bellevue Wa US)

Turn around time and repair costs were well worth the time taken vs total replacement of the entire power supply module, which would have cost nearly twice as much. Thanks for the great service.

Nov 3, 2013
homeowner by Orien J. LeBlanc (Akron Oh US)

Jun 4, 2013
Repaired power supply by Tom Rulla (Long Beach US)

I installed the electronic module and then powered up the HVAC system. The filter "On" indicator light flashed on then went out. Turning the power on and off didn't help. Later I cleaned and dried the filter panels (and copper contacts) then reinstalled the filters. After turning on the HVAC power, the "On" indicator lit up and stayed on. The unit seems to be operating well.

Apr 30, 2013
Honeywell EAC by Jim Laxson (Oak Harbor WA US)

Appreciated the Service Department's care in garnering the background information prior to diagnosis and repair as well as follow up and recommendation addressing the potential issues. service was excellent.

Apr 23, 2013
Working Again by Dane Kessler (Olympia Wa US)

As advertized, a quick diagnostic and notification of needed repair. Reasonable cost and quick turnaround. Unit is working, but power light flickers. Don't know if that is good or bad. Will have to call and find out.

Mar 8, 2013
Outstanding Service by David S. Johnson (Port Angeles WA US)

I was pleased and impressed with your service: clear and easy website, quick reply and evaluation of power supply, terrific tech support, and almost overnight delivery of a new unit. Our regular furnace company wanted over $700 plus installation for a new power supply which was outrageous. A quick internet search brought me to your site and the rest was magic - with a few questions to Tech Support, I installed the product and it runs perfectly. And I saved 60%. I highly recommend your products and service.

Mar 7, 2013
Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner Repair & Service On Your Power Supply by c Fugate (Coupeville Wa US)

Great communications quick troubleshooting and fast turnaround, my unit was not repairable but contact was prompt and a new unit was shipped with credit for the troubleshooting charge against the new unit. Great Job!

Feb 19, 2013
Power Supply by Rocky Higgins (Seattle WA US)

The local dealer wanted to sell me a new power supply, which I estimate would cost $600+. The all-in cost of the repaird supply via Honeywell Parts was less than $250. I'm feeling pretty smart right now.

Feb 14, 2013


Feb 10, 2013
John D. by John Dynkowski (Whitewater WI US)

Terriific service. Easy way to diagnose and fix a problem that would cost more if done by a service technician.

Feb 2, 2013
Air cleaner by Eric Hipp (Norwalk Oh US)

Great service, works great. Easy procedure for diagnosis and repair.

Jan 4, 2013
Electronic Air cleaner Repair by Gary English (Niagara Falls On CA)

Very happy and surprised with the speed and convenience of having the repair to my electronic air cleaner done by your staff It was done and sent back 1 day early and being the Christmas mail rush I thought it would take much longer. It was back Dec 24th Christmas eve day and I installed it shortlly after. Working great, I really missed it when it stopped working during the summer. Thanks for the great service!!

Nov 4, 2012
air cleaner power supply by Ed Duffy (Plainfield Il US)

Honeywell techs did a great job. Sent mine in, received notice of what they found and the cost to repair within 24 hours and agreed to have it repaired. It was back to me in 4 days and working in my system that day. Super job. Would recommend them to everyone. Ed

Sep 24, 2012
Review of work by Mark A Raymer (Bowling Green KY US)

Assembly went OK and operation worked great.

Jul 15, 2012
Home owner by Jerry P. Keelean (Olympia Wa US)

Repair flow chart included with air cleaner was faulty. Service providers kept telling me the unit was working because the indicator light was on. I sent the power supply in for diaonostic service and they confirmed that the circuit board was faulty. Problem solved. F50e unit works fine now. Suggest that honeywell show dealers how to trouble shoot their product so home owner doesnt have to.. Thanks Honeywell.

Jul 13, 2012
air cleaner repair by earl j. mills (cincinnati OH US)

I was impressed by the prompt and thorough response by Honeywell's service on my electronic air filter. The followup communication from the technician was appreciated. Thanks again

Jun 14, 2012
Great Service Option by Daniel Moehring (N. Royalton OH US)

I was quoted $375 to repair my electronic air cleaner controller by a local HVAC service provider. You repaired it for about 60% of that. When I got the unit back it didn't work. I noticed that what appeared to be a pressure hose was not connected. I connected it and it works great. Thanks for providing a service like this.

May 7, 2012
Evaluation of Service by James P Kelly (Livingston Te US)

I recently sent the power supply unit of my Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner to the Phoenix Honeywell repair facility. The subject air cleaner had recently failed and I called the local "authorized" Honeywell dealer for service. To make a long story short,"he had no idea how to repair the unit". He did,however,offer to repalce the unit with a new one at the tune of $850. I elected to contact Honeywell via the internet and purchased the diagnostic service. I sent the power supply unit to Honeywell, four days later got a call from a Honeywell technician advising that the mother board on the unit needs to be replaced. I gave the OK to do so and got the power supply back in four days. Bottom line is, "this is the most efficient, fastest and honest repair service I ever experienced". The unit now operates as it did when it was new. I rate the Phoenix repair facility a "10 out of 10".

Feb 27, 2012
Honeywell Air Cleaner Repair by C Wilkreson (Washington DC US)

Great service. Quick, responsive and reasonable price.

Feb 13, 2012
homeowner by Frank E. Smith Jr. (Holland Pa US)

Repaired power supply is working just fine. I am very satified with your total performance Thanks....

Jan 29, 2012
Honeywell power supply by Geoff Covert (Cincinnaati Oh US)

I shipped a power supply to them for repair and they diagnosed it and said it needed no repair. I appreciated their fair, honest response and quick service.

Dec 9, 2011
708291 by John Corrigan (Newark DE US)

I was very pleased with the offer and the service. I analysed the problem with the help of your on line procedure and sent the power unit for repair. The labor cost was fixed and reasonable and lower than having an HVAC company walk in the door. Thank you for the excellent service. My unit is functioning very well now. Your model should be adopted for other appliances manufacturers. Sincerely, John Corrigan

Nov 1, 2011
Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner Repair & Service On Your Power Supply" by Frank R. Geraci (Cranbury Ne US)

I received the repaired part and immediately installed the power unit back into air cleaner. Nothing happened! I checked all electrical connections and outlets. I check your web site a realized that the heater/air conditioner had to be running for the unit to function properly...and it does. Thanks for a great service and info through your web site. Also , when I placed this order the people there were pleasant, knowledgeable and very helpful.

Oct 21, 2011
Convenient, reasonable, fast by Jose Traverso (West Orange NJ US)

My Heating/AC company wanted $ 970.00 for changing the power head on this electrostatic filter. They refused to itemize such proposal, and upon research I learned that the cost of a new power unit is about $ 370.00. So they wanted $ 600.00 for labor (removing 2 screws, and replacing this unit with a new one: 5 minutes of labor or less). I then engaged the Honeywell service, learned that the power unit did not need replacement, and had the unit serviced through a convenient, reasonable and fast process. Difficulties: 1) shipping this unit is problematic and quite expensive, due to the odd shape that requires an unusual box and triggers significant overcharges; 2) reading people's comments, it seems that there is a good number of mother board failures, and the Honeywell technician could not explain what causes such failure. In any event, the overal experience was quite smooth, and definitely less expensive than the proposed service from my AC company. Since these are very good filters, I recommend servicing them regularly (cleaning of the cells and prefilter screens at least every 6 months), and contacting Honeywell before embarking in expensive service or part replacements.

Aug 26, 2011
Service review by Karl Knutson (Midlothian Tx US)

Received repaired unit and installed same. Seems to be working fine. All the people I talked with were excellent and provided all the information needed. Further they provided great advice on how to better maintain the unit in the future. I was very impressed with the manner in which everyone I spoke with worked with customers. Honeywell seems to be an example in how a successful company should be operated. Coo Doos to all. Karl Knutson

Aug 20, 2011
Thrilled with the service by Mabel Flowers (Southfield MI US)

In looking for a replacement for my non-working electronic air cleaner attached to my furnace, I came across your web site with an offer to diagnose the problem for a great price. I took advantage of it then shipped my unit to you for diagnosis and repairs. The whole process took about 10 days. The whole process was so easy because I didn't have to call in an expensive service man to get the unit repaired. I am sure I saved hundreds of dollars by using you. I am thrilled that I found you.

Aug 16, 2011
Joseph Foos by Joseph Foos (Linden MI US)

very satisfied with the prompt service.

Jul 23, 2011
Rating by Jerry DePoyster (Germantown MD US)

No problems. I give Jay 10 stars for customer service.

Jun 17, 2011
Wonderful! by Roy Thompson (Arlington Heights IL US)

Your service worked very well for me and saved me a lot in doing it myself! Unfortunately, I did require a new "motherboard" which is quite expensive, but cheaper than calling the HVAC guy! Within, minutes of receiving my now "repaired" power supply, the unit was up and running! Would highly recommend anyone requiring such service! Thanks, Roy Thompson

Jun 12, 2011
Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner by Michael Plassa (Yardley PA US)

Completed the repair of the Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner. Answered all of my questions, Thanks

May 17, 2011
Instructor by Vernon Irwin (Spring Mills PA US)

A great web site design that allows a homeowner to diagnose and fix a problem themselves. Great service!

Apr 12, 2011
Owner by Roger A Hilt (Lafayette In US)

Thank you very much for the quick service and for answering questions. I was waiting a few days to see the results . So far so good . Will use your service again . Thanks again .

Apr 9, 2011
Electronic Air cleaners repair & service by Kris (Issaquah WA )

We were very pleased with the outcome. The company that maintains our furnance wanted to charge us $700 for a new control box for our air cleaner which was not in our budget. The representative from Honeywell's 800# told us about this repair option so we gave it a try. Honeywell found only minor problems with the controller and therefore saved us hundreds of dollars. The unit was shipped back to us very quickly and is now working perfectly. I have already recommended this solution to a co-worker.

Mar 22, 2011
Fast Service by Tom Slavin (Bothell WA US)

Easy, fast and efficient. My EAC power supply was replaced and back to me in a very short time. The service department also included a replacement ionizer wire in the package at my request. I am very pleased with the response time and quality of workmanship. The EAC is now back and operating in my forced air heating system.

Feb 27, 2011
Honeywell Air Filter by Robert Williams (Fullerton CA US)

I received my Power Supply, well packaged and in good shape. I have installed it in my electronic filter and it seems to work just fine. It has bee installed for 3 days now----I will rate the repaired part at some time after it has been in use for a while.

Feb 14, 2011
Dan Newman by Daniel Newman (West Chester Pe US)

We had our Honeywell system put in 1989. In November of 2010 we started to have problems. After 22 years we thought it was time to replace it. I found your web page which contained your service. I did the online test to be sure what the problem was. I sent my unit to Honeywell. After Honeywell received my unit I was contacted by e-mail and phone. I was told the mother board was bad, and the cost to repair. I received the unit back today. The power supply is on line and working great. Thank You Dan and Mary Anne Newman

Dec 26, 2010
Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner Repair & Service On Your Power Supply by CH Chen (Houston Te US)

My air cleaner was about 30 years old, and i was not certain it could be fixed. But after I ordered the Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner Repair & Service, I received the call from Honeywell, and the technical dept. was great, and guided me step by step, and I was able to ordered all the necessary replacement parts. After I received all the parts, I again called the technical dept. for help and received enough tips and knowledge, then i was able to installed all the parts. Now my 30 years old Electronic Air Cleaner is working just like new again.

Nov 18, 2010
Go to the Source by Jim Bemis (Bothell WA US)

After discovering our electronic air cleaner was not working and diagnosing the issues with the help of the Honeywell website, we decided to use their repair and service on the power supply..........It took about ten days from when we sent it UPS and it was returned in like new condition and even better-working properly. Why mess around with anything other than the manufacturer with the knowledge and expertise to remedy the problem? We will use them again.........if it becomes necessary. (keeping our fingers crossed it won't be, though)


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