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Honeywell FC100A1011 Air Filter 20 x 20 x 4.5

SKU#: FC100A1011
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Product Description

The FC100A series filter is a cardboard frame box style filter made up of a web of fibers (MERV 10). As air passes through the filter media, particulates such as dust, pollen, dander, mold, and bacteria collide with the fibers in the filter and become trapped. Meanwhile, the clean air is allowed to continue through your heating and cooling system and into your home.

Replacement Schedule The media filter must be replaced when pressure drop across the media filter reaches 0.5 in. w.c. (0.1 kPa), or at least annually. If the media air cleaner is installed downstream from an atomizing humidifier or if the installation includes both heating and cooling, more frequent replacement may be necessary. Clogged media must be replaced promptly to avoid restricting airflow and reducing efficiency of the heating/cooling system. Record the replacement date in the space provided on the replacement media filter.

Other Options Honeywell released the POPUP series media as an optional replacement for the FC100A series filters. This new media ships collapsed and a higher efficency (MERV 11) which expands into place with no tools required. The new POPUP style media is wider than the old FC100A series media and WILL NOT work on non-Honeywell air cleaners. If you are interested in the POPUP media click on the related product shown below for additional information.

The filter media is not cleanable and must be replaced a minimum of twice a year, once in the heating season and again in the cooling season. If your home only has heating, the filter must be replaced annually. Please note, if you have shedding pets, or live in a dusty environment, you will need to replace the filter media more often.


19 7/8 (inches)
19 7/8 (inches)
4 3/8 (inch)
MERV Rating:
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Jun 21, 2020
Filter Order by Robert Hardy (Bothell WA US)

It has been difficult to find a supplier when understands the need to have the correct size filter. This company sent the exact size and model for our furnace. The package arrive when I expected and was not damaged.


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