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Honeywell POPUP1620 Air Filter 16 x 20 x 6

List Price: $99.85 Sale Price: $68.86
Product Description

Replacement filter media fits Honeywell, Air Bear, General and many other high efficiency air cleaners that take 5" thick boxed filters Rated at MERV 11 This item ships collapsed and pops up when you open it. This enables them to be shipped for MUCH LESS and take less space for storage.

Filter media was previously listed at 5" thickness but is now listed at 6", this does not reflect a change in the actual measurement.

The filter media is not cleanable and must be replaced a minimum of twice a year, once in the heating season and again in the cooling season. If your home only has heating, the filter must be replaced annually. Please note, if you have shedding pets, or live in a dusty environment, you will need to replace the filter media more often.


Nominal Width:
20 (inches)
Nominal Height:
16 (inches)
Nominal Thickness:
6 (inches)
Exact Width:
19 3/4 (inches)
Exact Height:
15 5/16 (inches)
Exact Thickness:
5 21/64 (inches)
2 (lb) 3 (oz)
Direction of Air Flow:
Indicated on Product
On Product Packaging

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