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Honeywell POPUP2025 Air Filter 20 x 25 x 6

List Price: $103.35 Sale Price: $71.26
Product Description

Replacement filter media fits Honeywell, Air Bear, General and many other high efficiency air cleaners that take 5" thick boxed filters Rated at MERV 11 This item ships collapsed and pops up when you open it. This enables them to be shipped for MUCH LESS and take less space for storage.

Filter media was previously listed at 5" thickness but is now listed at 6", this does not reflect a change in the actual measurement.

The filter media is not cleanable and must be replaced a minimum of twice a year, once in the heating season and again in the cooling season. If your home only has heating, the filter must be replaced annually. Please note, if you have shedding pets, or live in a dusty environment, you will need to replace the filter media more often.


Nominal Width:
25 (inches)
Nominal Height:
20 (inches)
Nominal Thickness:
6 (inches)
Exact Width:
24 3/8 (inches)
Exact Height:
19 15/16 (inches)
Exact Thickness:
5 21/64 (inches)
3 (lb)
Direction of Air Flow:
Indicated on Product
On Product Packaging

Product Reviews

Add your review of this product Global rating: 4.80 from 5 reviews
Sep 14, 2014
Homeowner by ( )

Surprised about the packaging but delighted with the product. Easy to Pop Up and easy to install.

Jan 27, 2014
Air filter by Paul Beck (Prescott AZ US)

The order was handled very well, easily done. I will use this company again.

May 22, 2013
Jennifer Harris by Jennifer Harris (Houston Te US)

I always buy my media filters online and have them ready for my twice per year a/c service. This time I decided to purchase the Honeywell POPUP instead of the big bulky filters. Well, my a/c service technician just performed my spring maintenance and was RAVING about these filters. He said they have a MUCH tighter seal than the others and that the coils and ducts were clean with no dust, which indicates that these filters do a superior job. Superior job, combined with low price on this website is a win-win in my book.

Dec 19, 2012
Home Owner by Richard V. Cook (Hanover IN US)

Filter was initally hard to insert into air collector but was able to install. Seems to work fine.

Nov 24, 2010
popup filters by shirley grimm (hershey pa US)

Husband was sure they would not fit - but tried one, and - Wow- was he suprised. They are much better then the old one we had, fit perfect. Much nicer shopping directly with Honeywell, then running around to all the stores to try to find the correct one. The salesperson on line, sure knew what he was talking about. Did a great job - Thanks Again - will sure order from Honeywell again.


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