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Honeywell ST9120U1011 Universal Electronic Fan Timer

SKU#: ST9120U1011
List Price: $274.75 Sale Price: $189.50
Product Description

Honeywell ST9120U1011 Universal Electronic Fan Timer. Universal Electronic Fan Timer with adjustable heat fan on, heat fan off, cool fan on, and cool fan off. The ST9120U Universal Electronic Fan Timers integrate control of all combustion blower and circulating fan operations in a gas warm air appliance. This control is the central wiring point for most of the electrical components in the furnace. The basic purposes of the ST9120U are to monitor the thermostat for heat, cool and fan demands, run the induced draft blower motor and run a circulating fan (up to two speeds) as required. The ST9120U also monitors limit switch strings and energizes separate ignition control systems through pressure switches. The ST9120U can replace any ST9101, ST9120, ST9141 or ST9160 listed in Table 3 below. The ST9120U features a field-adjustable heat fan-on delay, a field-adjustable heat fan-off delay, a field adjustable cool fan-on delay and a field-adjustable cool fan-off delay. Electronic air cleaner (EAC) and humidifier (HUM) convenience terminal connections and continuous low speed indoor air circulation are provided.

Replaces the following: ST9101A1014, ST9101A1022, ST9120A1006, ST9120A2004, ST9120C2002, ST9120C2010, ST9120C2028, ST9120C3000, ST9120C3018, ST9120C4008, ST9120C4016, ST9120C4040, ST9120C4057, ST9120C5005, ST9120C5013, ST9120D3009, ST9120G2024, ST9120G2032, ST9120G4004, ST9120G4038, ST9120U1003, ST9141A1002, ST9141A1028, ST9141B1001, ST9150A1003, ST9150B2000, ST9150B2018, ST9150B2026, ST9150B2034, ST9150C4057, ST9160A1002, ST9160B1001, ST9160B1019, ST9160B1027, ST9160B1035, ST9160B1043, ST9160B1050, ST9160B1068, ST9160B1076, ST9160B1084, ST9160C1000, ST9160C1018, ST9120B1005, ST9120C1020, ST9120G2008

Product Reviews

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Jan 21, 2012
works great by Maria ( TX )

Used to replace one that was burned out. Adaptor parts fits, instructions were clear and easy, and now it works great! Thanks!

Apr 9, 2011
Honeywell Part by Todd Jay (Beachwood Oh US)

Excellent service. You beat your shipping date by 1 Day


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