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Honeywell W7100A1053 Air Temperature Controller

SKU#: W7100A1053
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Product Description

Honeywell W7100A1053 Air Temperature Controller. Maintain an average discharge air temperature in variable air volume systems. Reduce kilowatt demand & consumption by maintaining the minimum amount of heating or cooling capacity required to hold the discharge air set point.

W7100 Controller maintains an average discharge air temperature in variable air volume (VAV) cooling systems by modulating an economizer and sequencing stages of mechanical cooling.
The W7100 can be applied to electric makeup air and other systems requiring discharge air control of multistage heating or cooling.
Staging capacity of the W7100A,C can be extended six stages using a W7101A Satellite Sequencer.
When power is interrupted, the system cycles to all stages off.
When power is restored, the economizer will first be modulated open (if enthalpy is suitable), then stages of mechanical cooling will be sequenced on.
If enthalpy is not suitable for economizer operation, the first stage of cooling or heating is energized within five minutes.
Reset signal from either space sensor or outdoor air sensor.

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