How To Install Your Honeywell Ground Choke

The choke is installed inside the receptacle box on F50A and F50E Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaners. First locate the box that is located right behind your air cleaner power box. Once you turn off the breaker or remove the fuse to the air cleaner and pop the cover off the top of that small box (around 4 x 4) you will find the line voltage wires in there that power up the air cleaner. There should be a green ground wire in there attached to the cabinet with a screw. Just loosen the screw, pull the round wire out from under it, wire nut that ground wire to the stripped end of the choke. Now attach the forked end of the choke wire to that screw. Basically you are putting the choke in series with the ground wire.

 F50A or F50E



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