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Honeywell VR8245M2530 Dual Intermittent Pilot Gas Valve

SKU#: VR8245M2530
List Price: $271.75 Sale Price: $185.88
Product Description

Honeywell VR8245M2530 Dual Intermittent Pilot Gas Valve. These universal electronic ignition gas controls are used in gas-fired appliances with capacities up to 150 cu ft/hour at 1 inch wc pressure drop (4.2 cu m/hour at 0.25 kPa) for natural gas. The VR8245M will operate with a direct spark (DSI), hot surface (HSI) or intermittent pilot ignition. The control includes a manual valve, two automatic operators, a pressure regulator, pilot adjustment, pilot plug and ignition adapter.

Replaces the following: VR8204M1075 and VR8205M2823.

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